When I was a child I always wanted to become a Naturforscher, a natural scientist. Not like the modern biologist who spends most of the time in a lab with both hands in a bucket of DNA strings. No, more like the old fashion explorer with a safari hat going into the wild and unknown discovering the white spots on a map. My tools would be a binocular to see what’s far away and a magnifying glass to get a closer look. I would catch and describe new animals, no matter if the species was called Sand Wasp or Sasquatch. My favourite book at that time was My Family And Other Animals by the English naturalist and animal enthuasiast Gerald Durrell.

Later and closer to adolescence my interests grew towards pop culture and design. The bookshelves of my parents gave me an endless source of inspiration. Books from Tomi Ungerer to John Heartfield, from Marie Marcks to Niki de Saint Phalle… I think it built the foundation of my love for books of all kind.

A book that really changed my way of thinking was David Carsons „The End of Print“.  I know that people dismiss DCs attitude just as style which seems nowadays almost a bit outdated, but in my opinion it goes so much deeper than that. It was a way of rethinking design at its time and the spirit behind it, is still very fresh and badly needed.

So I bought the book on a school trip to London for hard British Pounds but it was worth every penny.

Above: I share my studio with the artist and illustrator Katia Fouquet. On the walls you find a wild mix between her work, my work and bits and pieces from friends.
Workplace Hell!



My main field of business is illustration. I’ve been working freelance since 2007 for many different clients among them The New York Times, The New York Times Book Review, The Guardian, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe Magazine, Bloomberg’s BusinessWeek, Wall Street Journal, Reader’s Digest, L’Express, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, DAS Magazin vom Tagesanzeiger, Neon, Süddeutsche Publishing and many more.

Books of mine were published at Büchergilde Gutenberg (Die Traumnovelle) and most recently at Verlagshaus J.Frank (Der fliegende Proletarier).

Check out my work here:

Portfolio Here!
The Dog mask with the gorilla god in the globe



To get my head free and input on creativity, I work on my own art projects.

DI Erlangen1

Teaching & Workshops

In the last couple of years I started to give workshops and to teach for some time in University. In this section I would like to present some of my student’s work, from basic drawing assignments to b.a. final projects. Places were I have been teaching so far:

  • University of the West of England Bristol
  • University of Arts Berlin
  • Hochschule Mainz, FB Gestaltung

Here you find the student’s work