Facing the Neozoon!

I tried out my wild life camera the other day in Brandenburg close to Berlin and got a head shot of this radiant racoon!

I’m a bit scared…

With a Giganotosaurus on the way to work

Yesterday at Admiralsbrücke, Berlin, Kreuzberg. Our son wanted to be a dinosaur for carneval at his kindergarten, more specifically a Giganotosaurus , so I spend some time at the sewing machine, model name Singer Lady Star (Come on, Marketing Dept., can’t you come up with an even more stereotypical name), and Katia did the paint job with airbrush.

Now it’s official:

The summer is over! And the last glass of Schnelle Mirabelle jam I made with my son Henri this summer is eaten…

Hard times ahead.

Looking for Gold!

I spend my Saturday morning deep down in Neukölln looking for …GOLD! Yes, that’s right, together with Dominik Ziller and Ollie, the printer, we went on an alchemistic search for the right tone and transparency of the Gold color, that we’ll use for our special edition screenprints of a graphic from Der Fliegende Proletarier. It wasn’t an easy task as Gold covers up all underlying colors most of the times, and we were looking for some kind of transparency. …And we found it! The prints will look really cool 🙂



Lange Lyriknacht

Save the date! Am 22. November wird mein Buch präsentiert! Das Verlagshaus J. Frank präsentiert in einer Langen Lyriknacht verlorene, verschollene oder vergessene Schätze der Lyrik des 20. Jahrhunderts in seiner Edition ReVers!
In einer multilingualen und multimedialen Lesung werden drei internationale Dichter der Vergangenheit vorgestellt, die ein ganz besonderes poetisches Potential für die Gegenwart haben: Majakowski, Kaváfis und Owen! Durch den Abend führt Tobias Roth.