God created the world in seven days, wasn’t it like this? The christian vision of the world’s cosmogony is just one of many. But many seem just so little, so the UK based publisher Nobrow invited 24 illustrators to add their view to the collection. In this fantastic book, 24 more stories of creation are told from very different angles. Below I talk about my contribution.

Art Direction: Alex Spiro

Language: English

Format: 171 pages, hardcover

Colors: 4 spot colors

Publisher: Nobrow Press, UK

Price: 30,22 €

ISBN: 978-1907704024


„The Biblical creation myth proposes that God created the world in seven days, or six plus one day off to chill out, so in that spirit the two-dozen cartoonist-shamans corralled into this compendium were given just seven pages to devise their own version of how we all got here. . . . Entire world faiths have been built on equally unlikely accounts. Perhaps if enough readers of this volume start believing in certain stories, they might cause a spate of new religions to spring up based upon them. Pull up a rock and gather round the flickering fire–the universe is about to be born again.“

From the introduction by freelance journalist, curator, and lecturer Paul Gravett, co-author of „Graphic Novels: Stories to Change Your Life„, Laurence King Publishing, 2005