… and it’s moving!

…it was my Heureka!-moment when I discovered how nice and fun animated gifs are (yes, that is 27 years after its invention in 1987). I was working some weeks ago with Frank von Grafenstein on a full spread illustration with the title Junior vs Senior for Haniels Enkelfähig magazine. Seven small articles where talking about the generation clash in a fun and ironic way. My job was to tell the story visually. When it was done, they asked me wether I would turn these illustrations into gifs for their website. I just loved the idea and it was so much fun to animate my characters. Especially as I was working on a big animation project the last months, that I’ll introduced to you later on when it’s published.

See the illustrations in their original context at www.enkelfaehig.de



Haniel "Enkelfähig" Magazine

Art director:

Frank von Grafenstein


28. November 2014


animation, illustration