V&A Museum Of Childhood London

I did this artwork for a very special occassion. My UK agency, the almighty Central Illustration Agency had its 30th birthday and came up with a nice idea. Joint forces with AMV BBDO and the V&A Museum of Childhood in London, they gathered a bunch of kids to be our art directors. Under the title „Mind of a child – eye of an artist“, each kid came up with fantastic, beautiful, sometimes weird stories, which we illustrators in the next step were to illustrate. I really enjoyed this work.


My brief came from little Mae, 8 years old:

A big house with a swimming pool with pink water. Everyone has a little bit of curly hair. They like to swim and play in big fields. Animals are the same but some can fly – tigers. Dogs can swim underwater like a fish with snorkles on. Everyone eats lots of chocolate because chocolate is healthy. So everything that’s healthy is unhealthy and vise versa. The weather is sunny and hot with no clouds like Italy most of the time. No school in the future. You can play at home all day and play treasure hunts and find chocolate and gold. Everyone wears long dresses that are dark blue.


8. Oktober 2014