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illustrator & comic artist

Berlin is my home base, here is where I live and work.

Since graduating in 2004 from the University of Arts Berlin, I have been working as a freelance artist for almost 20 years. My work has been published by many international publications such as the New York Times, The Guardian, The Boston Globe Magazine, Die Zeit, FAZ, L’Express, Le Monde Diplomatique and many many more.


Illustration for newspapers, magazines, basically all types of print products is a main field of my work. If you are interested, check out my illustration portfolio.


If you are interested how I work on an illustration as a step-by-step documentation, check out my how-to in the Teachings section.

on the right: illustration for the New York Times Book Review for Art Director Nicolas Blechman


One of my favourite things to do is working on books. If possible, I love to design the books from front to end, including typesetting, paper selection, colors etc. Opening a book, you enter a visual world, a univserse of letters, inks, drawings and over all ideas. For me, it’s magical!

Click on the books to know more about them.


Besides editorial illustration I work on projects for exhibitions, institutions, festivals and publishing houses. I enjoy the creative process of developing visual ideas for different media, f.e. animation, digital content, installation etc.


on the right: illustrated face of the the Historic Museum Saar, Saarbrücken


Exhibitions is a great way to show personal work in a non-commercial context. Working on my own artistic projects is a way to expand the mind into new territory.


No, teaching is not terrifying, for me it’s quite the opposite. I really enjoy working with students, exchange ideas and try to spark enthusiam for drawing, comics and visual culture, but also discuss society and politics and encourage them to find a voice through their work.

Workshop at Hanze Minerva Art Academie Groningen, NL, Foto: Cerian Mason


My work has been published in various publications. Here is a selection of clients:

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