„Masks – the alter ego, the spiritual doppelganger, the modified, improved, powerful self – are a way of creating identity. Don’t underestimate a mask as a simple disguise for carneval or halloween, it’s much more, it can be a body armour, a spiritual shell, a new personality, a super power, a camouflage.“


on the right:

mask created for a workshop with students from Hochschule Mainz

masks the alter ego the spiritual doppelgänger

The Alter Ego

A collection of different mask I created during the years.

The Walrus

This mask is a tribute to one of my favorite illustrators, Saul Steinberg. I bet you know why?

The Walrus, tiny nose mask as a homage to Saul Steinberg

Poster by Katia Fouquet

The Zombie Pigman & the Mandrill

Here are some animal mask made out of colored paper.

animal mask made out of paper zombie pig mask mandrill mask
geometrical human mask baby gorilla mask paper mask

Geometrical human mask & baby gorilla

More masks!


Here is a selection of costumes I made.