Von Trinkern & Träumern,

eine Ausstellung im Brandenburgischen Landesmuseum für moderne Kunst, Cottbus, 2017

Exhibition view:
1. (on the wall): Navigationssystem, 15 wood prints mounted on wooden board, 2017
2. "The worried citizen", group of 4 sculptures, wood, paint, 2017
Exhibition view:
1. on the left: Excerpts from "Hans Fallada – Der Trinker", 2015
2. on the front wall: "The world must be destroyed - a graphic cosmogony, 2012
3. "Le monde Automatique", Papercut, 145cm x 210cm, 2010
Exhibition view:
Details of "The concerned citizens"
Background: papercuts and a phenakistiscope wheel
Exhibition view:
on the right: phenakistiscope wheel, excerpts of Traumnovelle
on top: exhibition view