The Grand Kinder-Kids of Bauhaus

2019 was under the sign of the 100th of the Bauhaus. Exhibitions, books and television reports were full of this topic. Some of it was exciting, much of it somewhat redundant…

The German-French curator Thibault Deruyter, whom I greatly appreciate for his profound, thoughtful and often humorous concepts, asked me if I wanted to contribute to an exhibition he was conceptualizing for the Institut Francais. In conversation, I remembered Lionel Feininger, who had a career as a comic artist in the United States before being called to the Bauhaus. In fact, he was one of the first comic artists to create a serial newspaper comic: pioneering work! The name of this work is „The Kin-der Kids“.

Peter Graf, the publisher of my graphic novel „Hans Fallada – Der Trinker,“ has published a beautiful reprint of The Kinder Kids. You can find it here.


Lyonel Feininger.
The Kinder Kids
56 pages
26,5 × 33,5 cm

Verlag Walde & Graf

Feininger’s work as a comic artist has been somewhat forgotten in Germany, probably it was not „serious“ enough for the cultural context of the Bauhaus. My first contact with his work was through a book from my parents‘ shelf. Not that I was excited about Feininger’s work as a child, but the book had a little mystery. It was filled with the shiny aluminum foils of old chocolate figures that my father had collected for a while. Later, when I did become interested in Feininger, he gave me the book as a gift, and when I first opened it, various flattened, shiny Santas and Easter bunnies flew at me.
My comic tells the story of Feininger, my parents and growing up in a Bauhaus crazy home.

If ou are interested in the comic as a poster, please have a look in my shop! There is a German as well as a French version available,